The Opportunity

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Eat, drink and be wealthy.



After years of traipsing around liquor stores and retail stores, Prenzel realised that it just did not have the marketing clout,nor the billions of dollars some of the big guys had. We had opened our own, modest tasting room at the distillery in Blenheim. To our amazement, it soon became the most popular tasting room in the region. This made us think that if we could give a taste to as many people as possible, we would not only have a thriving company, we would also have a large number of delighted customers!

So now Prenzel products are available both by having in home parties, and through being introduced to them privately by our Club Prenzel members.

And thanks to Club Prenzel, by joining the Club for $29.90, you can buy any Prenzel products at wholesale prices (30% discount) at any time during the following year.

The Plan

You can of course buy Prenzel products at full retail. However by paying just $29.90 as a club membership fee, with a $14.00 annual renewal, you can buy any Prenzel products at wholesale prices (30% discount) at any time during the following year.

At a 30% discount, not only can you afford to stock your own bar and kitchen, you can further reduce your costs by on-selling Prenzel food products at full retail - in this case you will make the 30% - GST  profit. As conventional shops selling Prenzel products are few and far between, there are many frustrated Prenzel lovers out there looking for a chance to buy their favourite Prenzel product.

For more information, please take a look at the video on the right. For full details, click on the presentation at the bottom of this page.

However, for Club members, the opportunity is far more exciting than that.

By buying just 1 "Set it and forget it" monthly pack, or 35 points (approx $70)  of useful Prenzel products of your choice each month, you will earn commissions on sales made by the Club to every new member you introduce. These commission payments continue on down a chain of up to eight new members introduced by the members you introduce. In short, if you believe in the Club's products and are energetic in their promotion, you can earn a considerable part time income. Even better, if you become a Club member and opt to choose one of the three separate start-up packs, bronze, silver or gold you not only get the enormous discount, between 35% - 50% , but you also have plenty of stock to on-sell at an enhanced profit, or to use to demonstrate the joys of Club membership to new potential members you might wish to sponsor. By buying  a premium Gold start-up pack and enrol 3 who also purchase a 50% discounted premium pack, your pack is FREE!
(You may buy any of these only twice)

So what are packs?


Gold Pack - Huge savings of up to 50% on all our most popular Prenzel products, both culinary and beverage  (the content but not the value of these packs might change from time to time)


Silver Pack - 40% discount on many of the most popular Prenzel products


Bronze Pack 35% discount on a reduced range but still popular products - 


To learn more, please look at the video above






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